Gorelov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Nikiforov Nikita Vasil'evich
Golikov Aleksej Innokent'evich
Gol'derova Ajtalina Semyonovna
Gur'eva Alla Borisovna

The purpose of the research was the theoretical substantiation of the directions of scientific activity that provide the implementation of spiritual and moral development of athletes specializing in various types of martial arts.

Organization and research methods: Methods of analysis and generalization of scientific literature, abstraction, concretization were used as basic research methods in the course of scientific substantiation of the importance of actualization of spiritual and moral education in the training system of martial artists. 

Results of the research. The authors consider the significance of the problem of spiritual and moral education of combat athletes through the prism of modern socio-economic conditions of society development, in which the means and methods of combat sports are widely used by persons belonging to various criminal groups, right-wing extremist and similar organizations. Establishing the indispensability of spiritual and moral education of sports combat athletes, the authors focus on the motivation that drives the desire of the individual not only to high sports results, but also to the desire to stand out from the general mass, to show their superiority and use it to achieve certain goals. This declares the need to highlight such concepts as "spirituality", "morality", "sport" as the most important determinants of humanistic beginning of the system of training martial artists, and this awareness occurs not only on the basis of the currently existing components of sports training, but also from the formation of spiritual and moral qualities that implement the ideals of humanism.

Conclusion. Based on a deep theoretical analysis and synthesis of available literature we have actualized the problem of spiritual and moral education of martial artists, by highlighting 4 scientific directions, which can be implemented in the development of specialized R&D; dissertations of doctoral students, postgraduates, adjuncts, master's theses and final qualifying works.

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