Permission of Committee on Publication Ethics

Policy of the journal “Science and Sport: current trends” is based on the ethical principles developed by the International Committee on Publication Ethics and Declaration of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers “Ethical principles of scientific publications”. Compliance requirements of publication ethics in the preparation and publication of the Journal apply to all members of the publishing process, i.e., authors, editors, reviewers, editorial staff, founder and the publisher. 

Paper submission

Submission of manuscripts for publication is carried out by sending an e-mail to the Editorial Board of the Journal “Science and Sport: Current Trends”:

Research originality

Submission of the manuscript means that the paper is original and has not yet been totally or partially published, is not currently under evaluation elsewhere, and, if accepted, will not be published elsewhere either wholly or in part. 

Splitting the data concerning one study in more than one publication could be acceptable if authors justify this decision with good reasons both in the cover letter and in the manuscript. Authors should state the novelty of their manuscript as compared to any previously published articles derived from the same study. Relevant previously published articles should be included in the cover letter of the currently submitted article.

Permission to reproduce previously published materials

Graphic or textual data from the works published by other authors should be indicated with reference to the source, from which they were taken. Besides, all works published elsewhere and covering similar issues, which influenced the research, should be given in the list of references.


The author submitting the manuscript for publication and dissemination in the scientific community agree to transfer the ownership of copyright to Science and Sport: Current Trends in the event the manuscript is published. 

By submitting the manuscript and attached files for publication the author (or authors) agrees to transfer the ownership of copyright (both electronic and printed versions) to Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism” FGBOU VO “Povolzhskaya GAFKSiT” in accordance with the License Agreement.

Authorship statement 

Authors are persons who have made a worthy contribution to the process of research or interpretation of its results, paper editing or revision, final preparation for publication, and the persons responsible for the integrity of all parts of the manuscript. When the paper has been processed and accepted for publication the Authors' names cannot be changed in any way (added, replaced, or rearranged). 

The corresponding authors should ensure that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper and have agreed to its submission for publication.

Submission statement 

All authors listed in the manuscript should sign the Submission Statement Form which may be downloaded from the journal website and send it to the Editorial Office. The head of institution or department where the research was conducted must initial the Statement. By submitting the manuscript, the authors confirm their agreement with the provisions and principles stated below.

Conflict of interests

All participants of the publication process (authors of manus­cripts, editorial board, and reviewers) must disclose any conflict of interests caused by potential competition, including financial, personal, or other relationships with any people or organizations if such a conflict may occur within three years after a moment of manuscript submission and have a negative effect on it. The form of conflict disclosure is included in the Submission Statement. 

Plagiarism, multiple or concurrent publication

During the consideration of an article, the editorial staff of the journal may conduct verification of the submitted materials with the Anti-plagiarism system. Submission of the papers published or submitted elsewhere is prohibited. Submitting the paper the authors must inform the Editorial Board in the cover letter of any similarities to the existing materials and publications (for example, conference proceedings, presentations, previously published papers, book chapters, or illustrations).

Research publication approval

The author should provide an approval of the corresponding body if the paper may disclose any confidential information or secrets of state regulated by the export control laws.

Research and paper funding

If any person or organization financially supported the research or the paper preparation, the author should list all the funding sources in Acknowledgements section.