Sysoev Aleksandr Vladimirovich
Tatarintseva Irina Aleksandrovna

The purpose of the research is to determine the professional physical fitness of students studying in the direction of 49.03.01 «Physical culture», profile «Physical education» in the discipline «Theory and methodology of teaching basic sports (gymnastics)» in the Voronezh State Academy of Sports (VGAS). 

Methods and organization of the research. The professional physical fitness of students was assessed comprehensively according to the indicators of theoretical (category «to know»), methodological (category «to be able»), practical (category «to possess») readiness. Methods of testing, control tests, mathematical statistics, analysis, synthesis, generalization, systematization were used. The research was conducted from April to June 2021. It was attended by 19 first-year students who completed their studies in the discipline «Theory and methodology of teaching basic sports (gymnastics)». 

Results of the research. Based on the results of a comprehensive testing of students in the discipline «Theory and methodology of teaching basic sports (gymnastics)», the level of their theoretical and practical physical fitness was assessed as satisfactory, the level of methodological physical fitness - as low. In terms of theoretical readiness, the greatest difficulties are associated with the history of the formation of gymnastics, the classification and the form of recording exercises, with giving commands during the implementation of marching and combined developing exercises. In terms of methodological readiness, the difficulties are associated with historical aspects of the origin and development of the sport, a summary of its characteristics, a clarification of the technique of exercises, an indication of possible mistakes and ways to prevent them, an explanation of the requirements for the necessary sports equipment. In terms of practical readiness, the difficulties are associated with setting of particular aims of the lesson, the description of methods of insurance and assistance, graphical recording of exercises, demonstration of confidence and command voice, choice of location and angle for showing the exercise, provision of accurate explanations, preparation of equipment for the lesson.

Conclusion. The results of the research make it possible to identify areas of activity for the correction of the work program for the academic discipline «Theory and methodology of teaching basic sports (gymnastics)».

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