Stepanova Olga Nikolaevna
Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor
Educational organization: Moscow State Pedagogical University
Latushkina Elena Nikolaevna
candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor
Educational organization: Russian State Social University
Savin Sergey Vladimirovich

candidate of pedagogical sciences
Educational organization: Russian State Social University

The purpose is to systematize and compile information, data and materials on marketing support for the activities of children's fitness center.

Materials and methods of the research. We have studied statutory and regulation documents of children's fitness center, protocols for monitoring the activities of the center, conversations with employees and managers of the organization. We used the following study methods: analysis and synthesis of literature data and Internet materials, the work experience of domestic physical education organizations, including children's fitness clubs and centers, high-quality content analysis of planning documents and reports of children's fitness center, monitoring center’s activities and its content analysis results, conversations with employees of children's fitness center and specialists in the field of sport marketing.

Results of the research. The paper presents and discloses the content of the main activities of children's fitness center, including: medical and pedagogical diagnostics (children's fitness testing), implementation of fitness programs, implementation of development programs, economic activities, personnel policy and personnel management, communicative and managerial activity. We have characterized the main areas of marketing activity: product or services produced and offered by children's fitness center, price - pricing policy, place - marketing methods for fitness center services, promotion - center’s activities for disseminating information about its advantages and fitness programs, people - work with target audience. We have developed the program of communication campaigns including promotions, PR and publicity, sales promotion.

Conclusion. The findings related to the marketing support of the activities of children's fitness center can be used for organizing and carrying out communicative actions in such sports organizations.


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