Kolunin Evgeniy Timofeyevich
Sharovarova Marina Alexandrovna

Adaptation processes and increasing the functional fitness levels are among the most urgent issues in the training activities of 13-14-year-old football players. The most informative indicators of the functional status of athletes are: external respiratory function, maximum oxygen consumption, thresholds of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. Accurate and reliable information about functional capabilities of players allows coaches to create the most effective training plan aimed at improving the performance of the athlete without violating his adaptive capabilities.

The purpose of the research is to study functional capacities of 13-14-year-old football players. It is necessary for rational planning of the training process.

Research methods and organization. To achieve this goal, the following methods were used: spirometrical study, functional study, electrocardiography, the method of mathematical statistics. The experimental work was carried out on the basis of the laboratory complex of the Institute of Physical Culture of Tyumen State University in the period from June 1 to June 30, 2021. The participants of the study were footballers, born in 2007, who are engaged in the Tyumen Football Club.

The results of the research and discussion. The study of functional capabilities in football players at the age of 13-14 has revealed a number of features of external respiratory function associated with a low level of vital lung capacity in 47% of the examined persons and the presence of cases of obstructive or restrictive deviation from norm. It was found, that football players at the age of 13-14 have significant individual differences in maximum oxygen consumption, thresholds of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, which emphasizes the need and importance of an individual approach when planning loads in zones of different intensity.

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