Makeeva Vera Stepanovna
Shaykina Oksana Evgenievna

The purpose is to search for informative indicators reflecting perceptual-sensory and mental processes and to assess the possibility of their influence on the effectiveness of the competitive activity of 14-15 year old female basketball players.

Research methods. The work used the analysis of scientific and pedagogical literature, testing, analysis and statistical processing of the results.
At the initial stage, a battery of tests was developed, which was tested in work with basketball players of 14-15 years old from different teams, training under the guidance of different coaches, but with similar results of competitive efficiency: both teams from their region got to the final of the All-Russian competitions among basketball players of this age. Team players from Voronezh (11 players) and Tula (16 players) were tested for a comparative assessment of perceptual-sensory and mental processes.

Research results. The similarity of the processes among the players of the studied teams and channels of information perception was established, which is confirmed by the absence of significant differences in the results of assessing indicators at the level of significance at p≥0.05.
The main differences among the players of the studied teams are the presence of a higher degree of homogeneity of the indicators of perceptual-sensory and mental processes in the Tula team and a varied perception of the incoming information, which is confirmed by the high spread of the coefficient of variation in comparison with the data of the Voronezh team players. In addition, there are significant differences between teams in tactile sensitivity in the error rate (at p≥0.05).

Conclusion. The absence of significant differences in the assessment of the majority of sensory-perceptual and mental processes in 14-15-year-old female basketball players at the initial stage of the experiment allows using the developed set of tests in further work with teams to assess their contribution to the effectiveness of competitive activity.

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