Maksimenko Igor' Georgievich
Head of Department
Educational organization: Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism; Kazan, Russia
Lozhechka Mihail Vladimirovich
teacher of additional education
Educational organization: “Metallurg” Children Art Center, Samara, Russia

The analysis of modern literature revealed the lack of scientifically based training system for sumo wrestlers of various ages and qualifications, including for the early training phase. The purpοse of the study: to identify indicators of psycho-physiological skills of young sumo wrestlers aged 7-9. Research objectives: 1) to study the issue of optimization of the initial training stage for children involved in sumo wrestling, 2) to study the indicators of psycho-physiological peculiarities of children aged 7-9, 3) to identify promising areas for using the data obtained to increase the effectiveness of the training process of the beginners.

Methods and organization of the research: analysis of scientific literature; pedagogical observations of training activities; methods of psychological diagnosis ("Psychodiagnostics" program); methods of mathematical statistics. We carried out pedagogical observations of the training activities of children aged 7-10 in Samara. The research included testing of psycho-physiological indicators of 18 children aged 7-9, with 1-2 years of total training experience. We carried out the study of indicators of psycho-physiological qualities of children at the initial stage of training.

Results and discussion. Pedagogical observations of the training activities of children have revealed a number of problems occurring at the initial training stage. Due to the lack of a unified concept of multi-year sumo training, different teachers and trainers implement various approaches to the activity management. They use various techniques to control the parameters of physical fitness and training activities. Training programs do not consider the psycho-physiological characteristics of children. It reduces the efficiency of training programs and primary selection. The research substantiated the indicators of psycho-physiological skills of young sumo wrestlers aged 7-9. Conclusion. Training programs at the initial stage disregard the following major principles connected with this stage: provision of comprehensive training, gradual increase of physical efforts together with its effective control, study of psychological characteristics of children. We identified the indicators of psycho-physiological skills of sumo wrestlers aged 7-9. The obtained materials can be used as guidelines for monitoring the level of manifestation of the psycho-physiological skills of sumo wrestlers aged 7-9.


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