Andreev Viktor Viktorovich
Fominykh Alexander Viktorovich
Konovalov Igor Evgenievich
Solodukhina Lyudmila Gennadevna

The purpose of the research. To use the means of therapeutic physical exercises as a basis for development, theoretical and experimental justification of methods of comprehensive correction of physical fitness of primary school-age children with mental retardation in view of the inclusive education. Methods and organization of the research. In our work we used the following research methods: analysis and synthesis of scientific and methodic literature, pedagogical observation, pedagogical experiment, testing, and mathematical statistics. Results of the research and discussion. The article focused on the problem of delivery of adaptive physical education classes for children with mental retardation in view of the inclusive educational process. The objective is achieved on the basis of requirements of the Federal State educational standard of a new generation at the after-school classes. It has been determined that primary school-age children with mental retardation have lower level of physical development and physical fitness in comparison with their peers with no deviations. Experimental technique has been developed with the advent of inclusive education considering the essence of a major disease and individually typological peculiarities of children personality. It includes pedagogical motivational affect, methods and means aimed at promotion of physical fitness. Implementation of experimental technique contributed to the increasing growth rate of physical development indicators and motor skills of children with mental retardation. Conclusion. While carrying out pedagogical research we revealed that schoolchildren with mental retardation who had been following our technique showed positive alterations of indicators of physical fitness together with indicators of physical development. The analysis of data obtained has confirmed that innovation technique significantly affected correction of physical development and motor skills of primary school-age children with mental retardation with the advent of inclusive education.

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