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Significance of various factors and detailed health assessment of university students

Ключевые слова: health, students’ health, unfavorable factors, "health profile", health preservation

Аннотация: The purpose of the study: to find out the significance of various factors in assessing students' health and to carry out detailed analysis of its various aspects among university students. Methods of research: analysis of scientific and methodological literature, questioning, method of indices. Studies involved 56 university students. Using the questionnaire, the significance of various factors was revealed as the cause of poor health of university students. The identification of these causes formed the basis for further research where the "health profile" methodology was used, which can be used for making up a program for improvement of health level. It is personalized, and it is selected for each student individually. Results of the study. The most harmful factors for student health were identified: 1st place was obtained by psychological factors (5.35 points), 2nd place – by the immune system (5.25), 3rd place – by genetic factors (5.15). The assessment of student health by main indicators showed the following results: physical health, on average - "good"; 60% of the test subjects follow healthy nutrition rules; 95% of the test subjects demonstrate clinical symptoms of body contamination; more than half of test subjects have satisfactory immunity; the half of the respondents tend to have psycho-emotional stress; 57% of respondents have signs of depression; 60% of the students surveyed have a psychic exhaustion. Conclusion. Calculation of the "health profile" of a student revealed that the most negative impact is demonstrated by the contamination (intoxication) of the body with various harmful products of vital activity, psychoemotional stress and psychic exhaustion.

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