Top level sports as a matter of conflict between international and Russian sporting communities

Ключевые слова: anti-doping system, corruption, doping scandal

Аннотация: Recently, the outstanding achievements of Russian athletes have not been challenged. However, the doping scandal, which began with the All-Russian Athletics Federation, greatly damaged the reputation of the national sport. It was the cause of the suspension for many athletes. The report contained allegations of massive and systematic concealment of doping Russian athletes.

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Ибрагимова Г.М. ассистент кафедры менеджмента в социальной сфере Института управления, экономики и финансов КФУ,;

Хакимова Г.М. магистр по специальности менеджмент и правовое обеспечение индустрии спорта Института управления, экономики и финансов КФУ.

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