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Model of contenting integration of the educational process and sport training in the sport university

Галимов Алмаз Мирзанурович

кандидат педагогических наук, доцент Поволжской государственной академии физической культуры, спорта и туризма ФГБОУ ВО "Поволжская государственная академия физической культуры спорт и туризма

Ботова Любовь Николаевна

кандидат биологических наук, доцент кафедры теории и методики гимнастики и борьбы ФГБОУ ВПО «Поволжская государственная академия физической культуры, спорта и туризма»

Назаренко Андрей Сергеевич

кандидат биологических наук, доцент кафедры медико-биологических дисциплин Поволжской государственной академии физической культуры, спорта и туризма ФГБОУ ВО «Поволжская государственная академия физической культуры, спорта и туризма»

Галяутдинов Марат Ильдарханович

кандидат физико-математических наук, доцент, заведующий кафедрой физико-математических дисциплин и информационных технологий ФГБОУ ВО «Поволжская государственная академия физической культуры, спорта и туризма»

Ключевые слова: higher education, sport training, integration, professional competence

Аннотация: Currently, training specialists in the field of physical culture and sports is becoming a comprehensive process covering a number of aspects. In this regard, student sport activities should be considered as his/her immersion in the industry and in future professional activities, which can be formalized in the framework of the educational planning system. This paper is aimed at the development of a model for the meaningful integration of the educational process and sport training in the sport university. The goal of the study was achieved through a comparative analysis of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education 3+ and the “Athlete” professional standard, the analysis of attendance, current and periodical student progress, designing measures for the contenting integration of sport and educational processes. The study also included the methods of modeling, interviewing, expert review and mathematical statistics. The research resulted in revealing the coherence of some knowledge, skills and labor actions of the “Athlete” professional standard and competencies that should be developed as a result of student training on 49.03.01 Physical culture program. It is proved that a sport activity allows an elite athlete to receive a part of knowledge and skills that are provided by the educational program. An integrative approach to the provision of educational materials for highly-qualified athletes was developed in the framework of mastering the educational program of higher education in the sport university. As a result of mathematical processing of the data obtained in the framework of research, no statistically significant differences have been found in the number of credits gained by the student at the exam and in the total amount provided that an integrative approach is used, which makes it possible to provide highly-qualified students with increasing comfort level of the educational environment.

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