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Comparative analysis of official statistical reports of women student teams of sba season championship 2017-2018, «volgograd» division and all-russian last-64 playoffs

Йосипенко Ксения Анатольевна

аспирант кафедры естественнонаучных дисциплин и информационных технологий ФГБОУ ВО «Волгоградская государственная академия физической культуры»

Ключевые слова: student sport, sport reserves, basketball

Аннотация: In recent years our country pays particular attention to student sports since it is directly connected with mass and elite sports. Considering the growing level of competitiveness today’s sports tend to have certain requirements for the quality of sport reserves training. Purpose of the study. Comparison of quantitative indicators of technical and tactical training of women student teams in basketball in a regional championship. Methods and organization of research. Analysis of official statistical reports of the SBA Championship games 2017-2018, «Volgograd» division and the All-Russian Last-64 play-off; methods of statistical data processing. Results. We carried out statistical analysis of the following 10 average indicators of competitive activity in SBA games, which were assigned to 4 groups: points to assess efficient shots: two-point, three-point and free throws; positive performance - the number of efficient pass attacks; interceptions; block shots; rebounds − the number of one’s own backboard rebounds, opponent’s backboard rebounds and the total number of rebounds; negative performance − amount of ball turnovers when performing technical actions, number of fouls received. Сonclusion. The analysis of competitive activities of women basketball teams in the regional championship of the Student Basketball Association demonstrates that the technical competence of «VGAFK» women basketball team in the SBA championship is almost identical to «VolgGMU», «VolGTU» teams, however in comparison with the teams that entered the All-Russian playoffs, these indicators differ significantly. Consequently we should use this data to be focused on refinement of technical and tactical training that will ensure successful competition activity of athletes.

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Йосипенко Ксения Анатольевна (Yosipenko Kseniya Anatolevna) − аспирант кафедры естественнонаучных дисциплин и информационных технологий; ФГБОУ ВО «Волгоградская государственная академия физической культуры»

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