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Certain aspects of adaptation of female police officers to professional activity

Кодзоков Азнаур Хасанович

преподаватель кафедры физической подготовки Северо-Кавказский институт повышения квалификации (филиал) Краснодарского университета МВД России

Ключевые слова: female police officers, vocational training, physical training, adaptation, combat skills

Аннотация: The submitted article investigates the issue of psychological maintenance of carrying out professional activity by female police officers, proceeding from specifics of their operative-service activity. In this context, particular attention is paid to effective exploitation of human resources in the system of law enforcement agencies, and to management of those resources considering personal features of a female police officer, as well as to the process of psychological maintenance and support of female police officers dealing with problems during their adaptation to conditions of professional activity and in the course of subsequent operative-service activity. Currently the problem of vocational training of women considering particularities of adaptation of their organism to major physical efforts is the most significant aspect of female police officers training. Professional activity of female police officers is directly connected with their physical fitness for official activity regardless of the content of future activity, and it plays one of the leading roles along with firearms, legal and tactical training.

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Кодзоков Азнаур Хасанович – преподаватель кафедры физической подготовки Северо-Кавказского института повышения квалификации (филиал) Краснодарского университета МВД России

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